"I’m an exterior designer and I should say that luckily all the contract work was and is being prepared for me by Valeria Lavrova, the lawyer.

I wouldn’t have done well without her help that’s for sure: I used to fill in the forms of the contracts before, but after our discussions I distinctly realised how many clauses had to be included to make the contract be valid and protective.

One of my clients happened to be a lawyer himself and after looking  through my contracts, prepared by Valeria,  he said he couldn’t expect that the contracts would be so complete and “well thought- out”, so there was nothing to add or to exclude.

I have to admit, that the clients in general show the respect when they see that for each move I have the particular document to sign. I think this is a very important thing.

Valeria gave the special title to one of our contracts which admires everyone!

It has been several months already we started consulting with Valeria via e-mail or cell phone when any urgent issues arose. On each request I get the prompt and accurate respond, somehow “on-the-fly” which is very helpful!


I would like to underline that Valeria is a professional,  proactive lawyer, who definitely  shows  the personal approach in her work.


Assuming, I strongly recommend everybody to work with Valeria:

she definitely is aware of all the designer’s business nuances. It’s  very important to feel yourself well prepared and protected, as for now there are many unfriendly  litigations where designers are involved. Unfortunately, the designers cannot win in those cases because of the mistakes in document turnover or contracts themselves".




Yana Koperskaya,








I am a teacher- speech therapist, working for the State Budgetary Educational Authority.


There is an integration of schools and preschools taking place in Russia, which implies a huge amount of different legal questions at the same time.


For instance: variety of labour issues, including work check-up by the higher Authority.


It has been really delightful to ask Valeria Lavrova for legal advice.


Valeria is a magnificent expert, she could explain all the twisted regulations in simple forms and in a very, very short time.


She gave me the advice I urgently needed.


Being competent in what you are doing and doing it with personal approach – here are those qualities which Valeria surely possesses and they are becoming so required in the modern world.




Yours faithfully,


Perova Maria Viktorovna,


We asked Valeria for legal advice regarding real estate issues.


Besides getting full, professional and competent answers to all our questions, we were given lots of valuable pieces of advice, which we had followed and didn’t regret at all.


We would like to thank Valeria from our hearts for her help and support! You are a true professional in what you are doing and a very sympathetic person, whom it’s a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to working with you again.




Anastasia and Vladislav.

I would like to thank Valeria Lavrova for her support in my complicated situation.

My employer decided to fire me without any compensations. I used to receive threats and other unpleasant messages from them. I felt myself EXTREMELY suppressed.


Valeria provided me with efficient legal advice and showed me real support. She gave me good psychological advices how to deal with HR, how to lead the conversation with them. She calmed me down.


As a result: my ex-employer was forced to become aligned with the legislation and to provide me with all the compensations. And the most important: due to Valeria I managed to find the power in myself to go until the very end in this situation. Valeria, thank you very much!!!


Alexandra B.